Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does it work? provides coupon codes, printable couponscoupon promotions and daily deals to our Couponaire Members.

Members can use those offers on participating websites and with participating Verified Merchants listed on our Merchant Directory.

Anyone can share coupons or deals, add new merchants and create reviews on for FREE.

There is no need to register or ever pay anything to share your favorite coupons and deals.


2) How can I add a business to The Merchant Directory?

If you would like to add a business to our Merchant Directory for FREE,  simply share a coupon from that business with us and the new business will be added to the Merchant Directory instantly.


3) Where can I use my Couponaire membership card?

You can use your Membership Card with any participating Couponaire merchant in any city, town and online.

No need to have different memberships for each city. Just show your membership card and get discounts everywhere that is a participating Merchant.


4) How to use coupon code?

Select the coupon offer from the website and click on Show Code. Separate website will also open with this.

Copy the Coupon Code and use the coupon code during check out or else coupon code will not be considered for offer.


5) What kind of Coupons Can I Share?

You can share four different types of coupons on our site:  Coupon Code, Daily Deals, Printable Coupon and Promotion Coupon.

For samples and ideas on creating your own custom printable coupons, visit our FREE printable Coupon Templates page.


6) What kind of Membership Do I Need?

There are two types of Annual Memberships available to Couponaire Members:  Consumer Membership and Merchant Membership.



If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact us anytime.